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Hello, you probably have come over this blog by chance but if you have been remotely attracted by the title then you must be:

1) a percussionist: and perhaps a student of mine who has been – with no pressure – invited to visit my website. If so don’t worry, you won’t be tested about these contents… maybe. By the way in this blog you can find some useful information for a “strange” musician like you. Starting from lessons to life experiences on the stage and during my studies;

2) a drummer: who I would personally throw into the same percussionists’ pot – no offense, I’m also a drummer – but for share reasons I must distinguish: which drummer would ever read a blog wholly dedicated to percussions?

3) a teacher: probably a music teacher or a musical instrument teacher. Well, so am I! And I’d like to tell you about some everyday experiences which are never mentioned in teaching courses… teaching experiences, precisely.

Just to be politically correct, even if you don’t belong to any of these categories, you are welcome too. And if you think you have something interesting to say, feel free to comment my articles. Offenses will be accepted but not encouraged.

Fore more information about me or just to keep in touch you can:

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