Too many percussion instruments

Better equipment vs better musician

Having all the percussion in this world doesn’t make you a better percussionist.  Dear reader, I don’t know you personally, but if you are even only a bit similar to me, then your home place,  your studio, well, wherever you play music…  must be a place full of percussion instruments and useless accessories. Am I […] Read More

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Alberto "Mac" Macchini

Timpani: a contribution by Alberto “Mac” Macchini

By Paolo: “Today I’m honored to publish on my blog an article by my Mentor Alberto “Mac” Macchini, solo timpanist of “Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto” and Professor of Percussion at the Adria Conservatory. The article was initially born as a comment on my previous post about timpani. But Mac had something more to say about […] Read More

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Muscle memory for musicians

Muscle memory

Our brain is strange. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I had today for lunch, because I just can’t remember it. But if you give me a marimba, I can play pages and pages by heart. And to do that, I have to follow rather complicated movements, like controlling two sticks with each […] Read More

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Teaching percussion at school

Why I decided to teach percussion at school

If I teach at school, will I still have the chance to play music? And how will my artistic career end up with? These were the two questions I was asking myself obsessively when the high school where I work contacted me in 2012. I was SCARED. Scared of not having anymore time to play […] Read More

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Timpani and percussion audition

How to prepare for a percussion audition

A guide on how to pass an orchestral audition. I’d like to write one, but unfortunately I’m not able to. The truth is that auditions have always been a nightmare for me and those that didn’t work out are far more than those where I’ve been selected. At most, I could write a guide on […] Read More

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Orchestra conductor

How to get ready for an orchestra concert

Raise your hand if you’ve never been late for the study of a part to play in the orchestra. This is what happens: you get called by the orchestra that needs your valuable and essential competence as percussionist. You receive an email with all the data about the working days and the music to play. […] Read More

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