Mixing drums in Ableton

Recording drums – Part 2: Mixing in Ableton

Well, at this point I had four separate drum tracks to mix, no experience and a lot of desire to learn and experiment new things. The software I used for the whole mixing was Ableton Live 8 because I already had it and I used it 3 or 4 times for other projects, so I […] Read More

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Mind your manners drum cover

Recording drums – Part 1: The Glyn Johns Technique

Studying at the Conservatory surely prepares you on how to become a great concert player. However, they never tell you anything about how to record and mix your instrument. Is there any actual good reason why a subject like the “mixing and recording technique” is excluded from the study plan of a musician? I would […] Read More

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Percussion podcast

Percussionist 2.0 – Part 5: Podcasts and LMS

I really like listening to percussion podcasts while I ride my bike to work. I hate realizing that, unfortunately, there are very few podcasts actually related to percussion. I also like learning on the internet. And I like doing this even more when I can learn in a virtual setting, which has been exquisitely designed […] Read More

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Blogs about percussion instruments

Percussionist 2.0 – Part 4: percussionists’ blogs

When I created this website, about two years ago, I didn’t really know what a blog was, why I should create one about percussion and what was the difference between a blog and a traditional website. Now, after having studied, read and especially tried it myself, I can say I know something more about this […] Read More

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Website about percussion

Quality and quantity of relevant information for a percussionist: these are the key features that turn a website into an EXCEPTIONAL resource for percussion instruments. Therefore, in this third episode of the series “Percussionist 2.0”, I will talk about the best websites which are entirely dedicated to percussion instruments. Blogs will not be considered as […] Read More

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Best mobile app for percussion

Typical scenario if you catch me while studying timpani: me, timpani, the score, my smartphone on the music stand running the metronome app or my Ipad connected to the audio system with one of Beethoven’s symphonies at the highest volume. Ok, I admit I’m a tech addicted (I always feel moved when I look at […] Read More

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Percussion on Youtube

If you’re that kind of percussionist so passionate about technology and internet then you must read this post. New technologies and the web give percussionists lots of resources: from videos that explain how to build a handmade marimba, to iPad apps that read scores, to drummers’ forums where you can talk about the last double-ply […] Read More

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