Let’s talk about percussion, drums and teaching!

My Story

Paolo Parolini1987

I was born on December 23 in Dolo, a small town near Venice. That’s all I know about the first part of my life.

Everything else began at the age of 6, when I decided that I wanted to play the drums and become a rockstar. Therefore I started drumming incessantly on all my house surfaces. My family approved.



After years, until my parents and my brother became completely exhausted, I got bongos. From there to my first drum set it didn’t take much.

I still remember the fateful day. It was my 12th birthday, Christmas time was in the air, it snowed and when I came home I found my gorgeous gift: a wonderful brand new drum kit with all the cymbals, the drum stool and the drumsticks!

I loved that drum kit so much… shortly after I got a new better one.

The ‘00s

I started studying drum set with a local teacher who also trained me to the conservatory admission. 9 years’ imprisonment playing drums and marimbas were enough to make the qualitative leap from amateur boxes beater to professional hammerer.

In the meantime I concluded the high school and I enrolled at the School of Economics at the University of Padua, to study something serious. Three years later I got my degree and I understood that the rockstar job was hard to reconcile with the chartered accountant profession. So I re-enrolled at the conservatory.


I made a change of scenery and I decided to attend the Master Program in Orchestral Performance at the Conservatory of Adria. Doubly “Maestro”, i.e. some thousands of euros and two years later, I travelled around Italy and Europe to take my chances in several auditions for an orchestral job.

In 2011 I got a call from a high school in Padua for a teaching post. The italian school system needed me… and this proves the catastrophic situation of the public school system in Italy.


At the moment I’m filling the conservatory coffers again for some obligatory courses (well, if they are obligatory why are they so expensive…?) for teacher training. In the meantime I’m still working in the high school and I do my best to train young rockstars.

When I’m not teaching or wasting time in the conservatory I try to play and practice my instruments as much as possible.

Ultimately, I’ve got also a private life.

Thats’s all folks. Interesting? I don’t think so, but if you ever would like to analyse better some moments of this life on the edge… feel free to ask me whatever you want in the comments! Bye!