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To the question “If you could choose, would you prefer to teach percussion to high school students or to middle school students?” Of course I would usually answer “I would teach to anybody who wants to learn.” The fact is that I had to make this choice for real. Last year I taught percussion in […] Read More

Concert - lesson - percussion

All percussionists will have the chance, sooner or later, to participate in a concert-lesson for percussion instruments either as players or as host. Our instruments are captivating, beautiful, they are so many and sometimes they are still quite unknown. In other words, they are appealing. Consequently, succeeding in boring an audience of kids during a concert-lesson requires […] Read More

Mim plays cymbals

Below I am reporting what is posted on the website of the Adria Conservatory, where I studied for five years after a 8 years Diploma in Percussion from another Conservatory. In the section for the Master Degree of every musical instrument, in the paragraph titled “career paths”, you can read the following: The theoretical, methodological, […] Read More

Drums Recording_m

Those of you who have ever recorded a CD with a percussion ensemble will have to agree with me: it is a very delicate task. Ok, I am not saying that recording with a rock band or a symphony orchestra would be much easier, but a percussion ensemble is not something you see in a […] Read More

Linea by Luciano Berio

Linea by Luciano Berio is a piece written in 1973 for two pianos, a vibraphone and a marimba. It’s a nice piece… but also an enormous mess. In May 2014, I performed “Linea” – the vibraphone part – during a concert from which a dvd was produced by the Italian label Stradivarius. Today I’ll discuss […] Read More

Percussion courses

With every passing year, more and more specialized training courses for percussion instruments are fortunately created. (Hurray!!!) Even here in Italy, the market for this type of courses have been steadily growing for the past several years. (Hurray!!!) BUT – there is a negative aspect to this trend.  Some of these specialized training courses are […] Read More

How to study marimba - part 3

How to study a new piece for marimba – Part 3

After having practiced the infallible study method I introduced you to in my last post to help you correctly learn a new marimba piece, you are finally ready to actually play in front of an audience and/or to record your beautiful CD as a soloist. Worst case scenario, your music teacher will be the only […] Read More

How to study marimba

How to study a new piece for marimba – Part 2

We are finally going to be studying! Well, if this is what you think, then it means that you don’t grasp at all the utter importance of the work you should have done BEFORE starting with the actual study process of a new piece for marimba. In my previous post I already talked to you […] Read More

Marimba, where to start

How to study a new piece for marimba – Part 1

Studying a new piece for marimba is a big mess. Or at least this is what my students think. And this is also what I used to think at their age before I actually found an effective study method. In my next three posts, starting with the one today, I will explain what I remind […] Read More

Sofà of a living room

John Cage’s Living Room Music

I swear this is going to be the last article I am writing on any of John Cage’s creations for percussion ensembles for a very long time. I promise. In the meantime, here is my execution, together with a brief analysis, of Living Room Music, a piece for objects “of everyday use” written by John […] Read More