Marimba, where to start

How to study a new piece for marimba – Part 1

Studying a new piece for marimba is a big mess. Or at least this is what my students think. And this is also what I used to think at their age before I actually found an effective study method. In my next three posts, starting with the one today, I will explain what I remind […] Read More

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Sofà of a living room

John Cage’s Living Room Music

I swear this is going to be the last article I am writing on any of John Cage’s creations for percussion ensembles for a very long time. I promise. In the meantime, here is my execution, together with a brief analysis, of Living Room Music, a piece for objects “of everyday use” written by John […] Read More

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Third Coast Percussion_flickr

This is my second post on Third Construction, the piece for percussion quartet written by John Cage in 1941. In my first post, I discussed and described the instruments that John Cage assigned to each of the four players. Today I will analyze the sheet music for this piece, specifically the following elements: timbre possibilities; […] Read More

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