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Drums Recording_m

Those of you who have ever recorded a CD with a percussion ensemble will have to agree with me: it is a very delicate task. Ok, I am not saying that recording with a rock band or a symphony orchestra would be much easier, but a percussion ensemble is not something you see in a […] Read More

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Sofà of a living room

John Cage’s Living Room Music

I swear this is going to be the last article I am writing on any of John Cage’s creations for percussion ensembles for a very long time. I promise. In the meantime, here is my execution, together with a brief analysis, of Living Room Music, a piece for objects “of everyday use” written by John […] Read More

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Oxygen Percussion Quartet

5 good reasons for starting a percussion ensemble

There are many good reasons why you should start your own percussion ensemble. Today I’m giving you at least five. Yes, I am talking about one of those groups, such as So Percussion Quartet, Percussions de Strasbourg, Torq, Third Coast Percussion, the Italian Tetraktis, and the “famous” Oxygen Percussion Quartet, that you might think can […] Read More

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Choosing the repertoire for percussion ensemble

Percussion Ensemble: how to choose the repertoire

Are you teaching percussion at school? Then you’re surely periodically facing this problem: which pieces to choose for the percussion ensemble you direct? Sure, you’d like to prepare all the most important pieces, but actually you simply can’t do that. There are many factors that influence your job, for example: number and skills of your […] Read More

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