Concert - lesson - percussion

All percussionists will have the chance, sooner or later, to participate in a concert-lesson for percussion instruments either as players or as host. Our instruments are captivating, beautiful, they are so many and sometimes they are still quite unknown. In other words, they are appealing. Consequently, succeeding in boring an audience of kids during a concert-lesson requires […] Read More

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Teaching percussion at school

Why I decided to teach percussion at school

If I teach at school, will I still have the chance to play music? And how will my artistic career end up with? These were the two questions I was asking myself obsessively when the high school where I work contacted me in 2012. I was SCARED. Scared of not having anymore time to play […] Read More

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Percussionist vs drummer

Percussionists and drummers! Don’t tell me that you’ve never thought “how cooler am I”: A) as a PERCUSSIONIST, compared to him, a DRUMMER or B) as a DRUMMER, compared to him, a PERCUSSIONIST. Sure, we all know that this is a stupid issue, to begin with. It’s so stupid that I don’t even want to […] Read More

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