snare drum

Snare drum and concert roll

How to play the concert roll

In my opinion, concert roll (press roll, buzz roll, closed roll, or any of the other 1,500 names used for the multiple bounce roll) is the hardest rudiment to perform correctly. The reason is that executing it well requires great skill and speed as well as a subtle ability to feel the movement itself. So many […] Read More

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First exercises for snare drum

How to play the snare drum – The first exercises

Ok, now you have all you need to start playing, you know how to to stand in front of a snare drum (or pad) and you learnt how to grip your drumsticks. It’s time to play, which is exactly what you are going to do in this final lesson of the four introductive ones to […] Read More

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Snare Drum Grip

Grip, or how to hold drumsticks

Traditional or matched grip? This is the (false) dilemma. But first of all, what does “grip” mean? The word grip refers to the way you hold something (in this case drumsticks) and in this video I’ll exactly talk about how to hold, or grip actually, drumsticks. The most important points will be: The difference between […] Read More

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Posture on the snare drum

In this second video of the introductive series to the study of percussion I’ll talk about the posture on the snare drum, a concept that can be adopted with a big part of other percussion instruments. But what do we mean exactly with posture in musical field? We mean the physical connection between the musician […] Read More

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