Alberto "Mac" Macchini

Timpani: a contribution by Alberto “Mac” Macchini

By Paolo: “Today I’m honored to publish on my blog an article by my Mentor Alberto “Mac” Macchini, solo timpanist of “Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto” and Professor of Percussion at the Adria Conservatory. The article was initially born as a comment on my previous post about timpani. But Mac had something more to say about […] Read More

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Timpani: exceptional intruments

“Timpani are exceptional instruments”. I can’t remember where I heard this sentence for the first time. Perhaps it was a maxim by Mac, one of my Mentors and timpanist at “Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto”. He must have also told me that playing timpani in an orchestra is the world most beautiful job. I’m […] Read More

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